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Alternative Residential Lending and Bridging Finance

Struggling to get a Spanish mortgage from a traditional high street Spanish bank? Fluent Finance Abroad can help you. Talk to us today about Alternative Residential Lending in Spain.

If you don’t quite fit the criteria for a traditional high street Spanish mortgage don’t despair!

Since the global credit crisis of 2008 and the subsequent property market downturn worldwide, many changes have been made to the rules and regulations regarding how banks now lend money for property purchases. And Spain is no exception to the rule, as it is more difficult to secure a Spanish mortgage in general terms, especially if you’re unable to tick all of the boxes the Spanish banks require. However there are different avenues to explore, and with the help of Fluent Finance Abroad we can introduce you to Alternative Residential Lending.

With the changes in mortgage authorisations and different strategies applied by the banks, you may find yourself deemed as a slightly higher lending risk by the underwriters, meaning that you’re unable to secure a mortgage with a traditional high street Spanish Bank.

If however you don’t comply, we at Fluent Finance Abroad can help you overcome these potential hurdles with our Alternative Residential Lending options. And we can also help you with interim Bridging Finance should this be required.

We totally understand that lending needs to be looked at on each applicant´s merits, and we’re geared to the requirements and circumstances of each individual client. With this in mind, we’ve been busy building mortgage alternatives in Spain which can solve any lending opportunities that the banks are unable or unwilling to consider.

We have a number of secondary market financial entities registered as lenders with the Bank of Spain that have the capacity to not only lend, but are flexible enough to consider each application on its own merit, enabling you to obtain the finance that you require.

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