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What type of Mortgages are available?

What type of Mortgages are available?

We can secure whatever type of mortgage meets your needs – and cater for both non- residents and residents alike.  Lenders offer fixed, variable and, in some cases, mixed rates. However, as Fluent Finance Abroad have been in the Spanish mortgage business for over 15 years, and our reputation within the Spanish lenders is second to none, we have been able to secure preferential and exclusive mortgage rates for our clients.

The FFA exclusive mortgages are not available if you go directly to the bank yourself, or go through another intermediary.  The banks offer us these exclusive rates due the quality and volume of mortgage business we generate for them.   As everyone’s requirements are different, and as interest rates change and vary over time and from lender to lender, you do need to talk with our Mortgage Consultants.  They will provide you with the very best mortgage deal for your circumstances based on the current market conditions.

With the Euribor rate being in negative figures it’s easy to see why Spanish mortgages are a very attractive proposition.  And with interest rates looking at remaining low for the foreseeable future, low-cost variable rate mortgages are proving popular.  However, we can also offer fixed rate mortgages which offer more security against interest rate rises, with very tempting rates and payment terms.

We can offer these exclusive terms as we’re able to negotiate directly with a range of banks to offer our clients tailor-made rates and terms, specifically to match each and every requirement.  And we think we’re pretty much unbeatable in what we can achieve for our clients!

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